Cherish Every Moment

Posted on 8.07.2014

Pisces necklace - eBay |  rust top - H&M | grahic shorts -  Oasap | green crossbody - Goodwill | braided sandals - Kohl's | earrings - Target (old)
Yesss, I'm starting to feel the pull of blogging! I no longer feel required to remember and it's like I'm truly myself again. Change is such a good thing <3. 
Hey everyone! I'm so excited to share these photos with you. I took them yesterday in the back of Alex's house after we came back from shopping. We headed to the mall and I took note on some of the appliances and supplies I'll have to buy for the fall. Afterwardssss we relaxed in the pool and headed back out to see Godzilla. I don't know about you guys but that movie deserves a 5/10 at best. But the fighting scenes were pretty nice. *spoiler alert* Poor Bryan Cranston dies again lol. 
I think the color of this blouse blends so well with these shorts, in fact I'm starting to love all colors in this spectrum ( reds, mustard, pinks...). I'm trying to have more fun with my jewelry too so instead of putting in a single colored stud,  I wore these cute patterned babies!


Posted on 8.05.2014

Your Next Top

Hello everyone! Insomniac post here. This is a post on where I've been featured lately! I was featured on Your Next Top in May as a Top Blogger and also as a blogger on Thrifthers. I found them on instagram and their outfits are amazing.

Rainy Day Haul

Posted on 8.04.2014

Blue Forever 21 pants/ others from H&M
Oasap Shorts/ Oasap Skirt
Oasap Sunglasses

Hey everyone! Here's an update a recent haul from Forever 21 and H&M. I basically stuck to bottoms and prints this time anddd I received some cute sunglasses from Oasap. I wore them in my previous post too :). Hope you guys are enjoying your Monday!